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Network Security

We can provide technical solutions, provisions and policies to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of service over networks and network-accessible resources.

From point products to highly integrated security solutions, the specific requirements for each customer are different and unique. Let our highly skilled team help you select and implement the best security solutions for your organization. Focus on your business – We’ll help you secure it.

Our portfolio of partnerships includes the most advanced Next Generation Firewalls, UTM, Threat Prevention, Intrusion Prevention, Anti DDoS, Gateway Anti-Malware, Access control, Management, Remote Access, Encryption, Privileged Account Management, Policy & Compliance Management, SIEM, and other network security solutions, and our services are exclusively delivered by, highly experienced, certified security professionals.

Endpoint Security

From PCs and laptops to smart phones, tablets, specialized equipment and other devices, the scope of endpoint systems accessing and communicating within current networks is constantly growing and poses serious security challenges.

The ever-growing usage of personal devices to access corporate resources also increased attack vectors even more, bypassing many traditional perimeter defenses. We can provide specialized solutions to protect all endpoints in your organization as well as protect internal resources from compromised endpoints.

Application Security

IT applications and services are becoming the lifeline of any organization. We can help you implement solutions, policies and controls over your applications and services life-cycles (design, development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance) to prevent gaps in their security policies and control their vulnerabilities, as well the ones from their underlying systems.

We can provide solutions and services to cover your needs of application security, including WEB, E-Mail and Database Firewalls, Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, Policy Control, code auditing and others.

Content Security

It’s all about data and keeping it safe and securely available.

Our partnerships include solutions covering DLP, URL filtering, Malware Detection, E-Mail Security, Encryption, DRM/IRM & Document Level Protection and other content security solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Wireless Security

As wireless technology becomes more prevalent, the risks associated with its usage are also constantly increasing. There are a number of security risks associated with the current wireless protocols and encryption methods, and with the carelessness that exists at the user and corporate IT level. Wireless hacking has become much more sophisticated, and at the same time, much easier and more accessible. Not a good combination for security.

At LAYER we can provide the best solutions for Wireless Security, both as point products or integrated in broader security solutions.

Cloud Security

As more data and services are moved to the cloud, the associated security risks must be addressed though policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect data, applications, and the associated cloud infrastructure.

Whether your organization is a service provider or a customer of cloud services, we can provide security solutions and services to ensure data security.

From Content Security to Identity Management, Strong Authentication, Encryption, Certificate Authorities, High Availability, Global Load Balancing, DLP and others, our partnerships enable us to deliver the best solutions for cloud security.

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