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Reactive Support Services

Reactive support services ensure that your IT team has access to technical assistance when necessary, by a pre-agreed SLA, up to 24x7x4. Our dedicated support team is composed of experienced technicians with a minimum of five years of experience, certified in the solutions we support. Our focus on human capital, support systems and business processes, makes us one of the main support companies in the infosec arena in Portugal.

Proactive Support Services

LAYER is an advocate for regular maintenance of their solutions, so that major service disruptions are avoided. Every infrastructure, no matter how small, requires regular maintenance or it will fail. Our preventative maintenance services, integrated in our Reactive Support Services, are aligned with the criticality of your business and are well worth the investment.

Employing a system of proactive monitoring in the infrastructure will allow detection of most incidents and resolution even before you are aware that a problem exists. The management of proactive tools is efficiently carried out from our Security Operations Center and local assistance will be scheduled and conducted by members of our support team.

Time & Materials Services

Third party service providers is one of the widest vectors Organizations have nowadays which can introduce security flaws within Corporate systems, infrastructure and private data & information. Not knowing whether outsiders are properly dealing with your data and your systems can have devastating outcomes, resulting in: data leakage, corporate espionage, illegal system’s access and other malicious activities.

LAYER has defined a set of security and privacy controls regarding the handling of Organization’s information and systems, delivering a compliance report with irrefutable evidences and an impact analysis with the appropriate mitigation controls.

Managed Services

We can maintain your infrastructure (and all associated services) to run smoothly, using continuous monitoring to quickly identify problems, often before they are reported by end users.

Alternatively, your IT team can manage the entire infrastructure, performing all tasks necessary to maintain it. In this scenario, LAYER can be presented as an extension of your internal IT department, performing specialized technical services in areas where there isn’t adequate knowledge.

Our main objective is to ensure that your critical solutions are always available and run on a perfect level.

Customer Portal

Management of all Support Services is provided by our Customer Portal, where all activity within your account is documented to create a “Knowledge Base” in order to expedite the resolution of future problems. The registration and documentation of all support requests leads to high levels of visibility, giving an additional guarantee that every customer support request is opened and addressed according to the level of service formally defined. Real time viewing and reporting is possible for all information regarding active Support Contracts.

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